Video Games Offer New Frontiers in Medicine

Video game consoles have captivated the minds of adults and children alike since Atari introduced Pong, a simple electronic tennis match, in 1973. Since then, gaming has spread to smartphones and tablets that eventually found themselves in classrooms. Video games became a difficult distraction to overcome, until educators started noticing how well video games held […]
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The Evolution of the Connected Car - An Innovative Partnership

As a professional writing service company, TRA360 works with many revolutionary technology companies in the Boston, Massachusetts area and beyond. It is always exciting to see technology change the way we think about everyday things. A few years ago, Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS) used our white paper writing services  to spread the word about best […]
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Shift in Cancer Therapy with Antibody-Drug Conjugates

As a professional writing services company for the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical industry, TRA360 attempts to stay current with recent scientific developments and shares them in our blog. More than a century ago, Dr. Paul Erlich discovered certain chemicals are selectively absorbed by tissues and they could be a delivery vehicle for drugs to the […]
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John Hancock's LOFT to Drive Innovation in Boston's Tech Scene

The launch of the innovation platform LOFT (Lab of Forward Thinking) by the Investment Division of Manulife and John Hancock on July 8th signals a change in the way financial services companies are responding to customer needs. The firm, which is located in Boston’s Seaport District, established LOFT as a means to permeate the area’s […]
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Fraunhofer, TechBridge, and Greentown Labs Team Up to PROPEL Cleantech Startups

In the heart of Boston’s Innovation District lies Fraunhoufer’s Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (CSE), Fraunhoufer’s state-of-the-art research and development facility for the commercialization of clean energy technologies. At CSE, labs are ready to develop prototypes and deploy field demonstrations, in addition to providing fellowship and internship opportunities for researchers, entrepreneurs, and young professionals. TechBridge […]
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