Introducing Agnitio's Digital Marketing System Rainmaker

The ultimate goal of technical content is to help customers use products most efficiently. This content may also have some persuasive aspects; for example, you may want to justify the new features of a particular product to enhance worker productivity. TRA360 is a professional writing services agency that helps high-tech companies to develop content for […]
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Introducing Organogenesis and the Apligraf

As promised, we’re back with more about Regenerative Medicine. Our first profile is on Organogenesis, a company based in Canton, Massachusetts, who is at the forefront of the field. Their website states that “in the future, regenerative medicine technologies may deliver neural regeneration, islet cells for diabetes, and more substantial heart repair.” For Organogenesis, this […]
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10 Best Practices for Writing Executive Summaries

Start-ups and emerging companies write executive summaries to distill the key facts (business description, products/market fit, business model, etc.) for venture capitalists, angel investors, and others from whom they’re looking for financing. Including all this information in one page, the almost universally-accepted page length, is quite a challenge. What follows are 10 best practices for […]
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Seven Best Practices for Crafting Customer Success Stories

Many companies write customer success stories and fail. Why? Because they focus on themselves—their company, their product, or their service—and not on their customer. The proverbial spotlight is on the wrong actor. Writing a customer success story is a delicate blend of art and science. It requires crafting a good story based on a real […]
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10 Tips for Successful Grant Writing

Grant dollars are shrinkingIn the world of ever-shrinking federal, state, and private dollars in the USA for research and education, it’s more critical than ever to identify and win foundation support. The National Institutes of Health (NIH), for example, has cut funding 8.2% because of the United States federal budget sequester. And cuts like these are not alone. […]
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