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Custom e-learning Content Communicates and Connects

Staffed by experts in instructional design and online learning, TRA360 starts by using our 3-D Process to learn about your business goals, training objectives, and needs of the target audiences. We spend time upfront defining the project so everyone is in sync with the project plans. Basically, like building architects, we “blueprint” all projects before starting construction.

A Proven Formula for Learner Success

TRA360 develops custom online learning solutions that are task-based and engage learners in their own success. We work with customers across the technology, life sciences, and financial services industries. We create e-learning courses and modules, Camtasia simulations, instructional videos, and animated PowerPoint presentations, all with an experienced eye to learner results.

Here is our direct formula for online learning success:

  • Pedagogy—Provides a structural groundwork to involve learners
  • Productivity—Utilizes real-world tasks to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Variety—Uses media (e-learning, video, simulations, gaming) to enhance understanding
  • Entertainment—Catalyzes tools for increased enjoyment, retention, and application
  • Measurement—Creates performance-based assessments that provide a full picture of how the learner is doing

Our Experience Provides Results

TRA360 instructional specialists know how to design training and online learning that is compatible with all types of learners. Our online, web-based, instructor-led, and blended learning solutions leverage and repurpose existing content whenever possible, helping you to decrease development costs, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce calls to technical support and professional services.

To inspire your online learning.

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TRA360 Online Learning Products

  • Assessment Modules
  • Behavioral Objectives
  • Brainshark Presentations
  • Camtasia Videos
  • Captivate Simulations
  • Courseware Modules
  • e-learning Analysis
  • e-learning Modules
  • Executive Coaching
  • Instructional Design
  • Leader Guides
  • Learning Objectives
  • Needs Assessments
  • Participant Guides
  • PowerPoint Slide Decks
  • Script Writing (online, video, TV)
  • Task Analysis
  • Testing Assessments
  • Testing Development
  • Training Analysis
  • Training Assessments
  • Training Development
  • Training Modules
  • Voiceover (narration)