Boston, MA and the Netherlands: two worlds apart that share one common interest…

Boston and the Netherlands joined forces during BIO 2012

…If you’re thinking winning sports teams, try again. (Hup holland, anyone?) However, if your second guess was the common interest of life sciences, then you hit the nail on the head. Remember when BIO 2012 happened back in June and more than 16,000 attendees from all around the world attended this massive biotech conference? (Need a refresher? We wrote several blog posts about TRA360’s experience here). With international pavilions galore and representatives from companies in the biotech, life science and pharmaceutical industries, collecting business cards and establishing relationships were top priorities on everyone’s mind.

Seeing as the life science industry is a major part of what we do here at TRA360, we are always looking to expand our network and meet new people in the business, both locally and internationally. While trolling the Internet recently, an article from the International Business section of entitled, “Partnering Opportunities In The Life Sciences Between Boston and the Netherlands” caught my eye. Check out what makes both Boston and the Netherlands so compatible with their mutual interest of life science (facts taken from

  • Several MA life sciences companies are using the Netherlands as part of their European operations.
  • Dutch life sciences recognizes Boston as a center of innovation in the life sciences, and sees it as an important entry point for the business of the Dutch life sciences companies in the United States.
  • MA life sciences companies may want to explore setting up a presence in the Netherlands
  • Many executives in the life sciences industry in the Netherlands worked in Boston earlier in their career, and several Dutch entrepreneurs have founded biotech companies in the Boston Area

As you can see, the Netherlands and Boston’s mutual interest in the life sciences has essentially established a benchmark for understanding business practices and building relationships.

Did you attend BIO 2012? What other countries do you think has the potential to collaborate with the US in the bio/pharma/life science industries? What do you think is in store for the future between Boston and the Netherlands? Let us know your thoughts!