Massachusetts Life Science Center Internship Challenge Summer 2011 Launch Event

l to r: Ryan Collins (TRA360) and Ryan Mudawar (MLSC) at the Internship Challenge, Summer 2011 Launch Event
l to r: Ryan Connors  (TRA360) and Ryan Mudawar (MLSC)


Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending two important events representing TRA360 with Tim. The first was the Massachusetts Life Science Internship Challenge Summer 2011 Launch Event held at Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Life Sciences & Bioengineering Center. It was a great event where all of the interns, their sponsors, and the brains behind the MLSC met for networking, learning and sharing of  information.

Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray gave a compelling  speech about the benefits of the program, which I can attest to. He   also announced the expansion of the program to be year-round, which is wonderful given the opportunities it offers bridging academia with the private sector, especially in these tough economic times.  Anyone who’s gone job hunting recently knows the importance of experience in the field and how a lack thereof can be crippling.

I also got some face time with the Dr. Susan Windham-Bannister, President & CEO of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center. Her dedication to the program is unparallelled. I enjoyed most of the discussions with various industry leaders such as Steve Kelly, CEO of Myomo (an inspiring and innovative company using robotics to help the handicapped regain mobility). Overall, I found the entire program to be worthwhile and exciting, and I valued getting to know some of my fellow interns and I hope to stay in touch with them.

Props to everyone who organized and attended the event.

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