Recognizing the Value of User Assistance

WritersUA has been using the tagline of “Better UX through Better UA” for many years, perhaps since the late 1980s and early 1990s when they were known as WinHelp Writers. (It’s too long ago to trust my memory on this fact. Joe Welinske, president of WritersUA, could probably help me out.)

For the uninitiated, “UX” means “user experience” and “UA” means “user assistance.” What is user assistance? Wikipedia defines it as:

“a general term for guided assistance to a user of a software product. The phrase incorporates all forms of help available to a user. Assistance can also automatically perform procedures or step users through the procedure, depending on the question that the user asked. The term is broader than online help, and includes procedural and tutorial information.” (1)

I like the general Wikipedia definition especially the phrase “all forms of help available to a user.” Our best customers understand the benefits of making an investment in quality UA to improve their customers’ experience. They don’t want to overburden their technical/customer support teams; reduce the bottom line; or risk damage to the company’s reputation if their customers are not happy. Anyone who purchases electronics with technical documentation translated into Chinglish or Japanglish has experienced these frustrations first-hand.

In terms of TRA360, user assistance includes our technical documentation and learning & development practices. Let me know if can help YOU.



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