RegLink and RAPS Partner to Create Global Drug and Device News

RAPS and RegLink collaborate

Attention, Regulatory Affairs Professionals! RegLink and RAPS (Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society) are teaming up to create a news system which will cover international regulatory development coverage. In a recent article about the collaboration, RegLink partner, Louise Zornoza exclaimed, “both organizations are focused on the same goal – keeping regulatory professionals informed.” And that is exactly what these professionals can expect to see in the near future.

RegLink, an increasingly popular news source for drugs, biologics, and medical devices, covers the regulatory and health technology field. On the other hand, RAPS has over 11,000 members worldwide and recently released a new interactive website. Their website also features an updated electronic magazine, Regulatory Focus.

With two major powerhouses in the Regulatory Writing Affairs industry pursuing this new endeavor, international industry news will be available at anyone’s fingertips. What do you think about this collaboration? Would you like to see more collaboration occuring in the industry? Comment below and let us know or tweet to us @TRA360!