Study Shows Online Training More Effective for Regulatory Compliance

Online training is taking over the Regulatory Affairs industry

A recent study from Enhanced Online News (EON) shows that in comparison to other techniques, regulatory affairs online training is the most efficient and effective method. Today, online training helps build clearer accountability and shows measurable return-on-investment metrics.

Why online training?

In contrast to traditional regulatory affairs training, online technology allows regulatory teams to “easily monitor which employees have completed all necessary compliance training”. For instance, digital tools test employees on their knowledge of SOPs, policies and new processes. In general, those who have undergone digital regulatory compliance training have reduced their compliance problems in recent years. On the other hand, companies requiring traditional training have had more difficulties overall overcoming various compliance issues.

The modern world of technology is ever-changing and constantly developing. With this change in technology comes the evolution of digital training for industries around the world.

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