Canadian Drug Shortages Lead to Calls for Regulation

Canada is facing major drug shortages

In the pharmaceutical world, Canada is falling lower on the totem pole due to major drug shortages. RAPS (Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society) reports that the manufacturing plant that produces nearly 90% of all injectable drugs used in Canada, owned by Sandoz Canda, recently caught fire. These injectable drugs ranged from anesthetics to painkillers to antibiotics.

So, what now?

Canadians are calling for Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s help and to propose regulations targeted at mending these issues. Harper responded that Health Canada is working on solutions to fixing this crisis, including finding multiple sources for vital medication.

What is foreseen for Canada’s drug and pharmaceutical future? Will drug prices drastically increase due to this shortage of medications? How will the US be involved? Let us know your thoughts on this major issue that Canada is facing!