How to Stand Out from Your ComPINtition

How to make Pinterest work for YOUR company!

By now, many of you have probably heard about Pinterest: the visual website where thousands of individual users and brands alike are “pinning” images to personalized boards online. Pinterest has helped close the gap of visual culture with technology and social media. Yes, we love to see pretty pictures of outfits, hairstyles, food display, and exotic vacation destinations (okay, so maybe the females do at least!), but Pinterest is beginning to open their doors to brands and businesses, too. Find out how your brand can boost its image through Pinterest!

According to an article by AdAge, a brand’s image strategy must contain the following three elements: audience engagement, audience acquisition, and revenue. Audience engagement refers to a brand finding that niche with their audience. Ask yourself the question, why would people want to visit our page? By investing in high-quality images on your Pinterest board and organizing images into various categories of your company, people will be drawn to these categories by their specific interests, passions, skills or hobbies. However, pinners beware that images won’t direct website traffic to other websites, or worse, your competitors!

Next, audience acquisition asks how brands can convert audience engagement into sharing. Pinterest’s platform helps to make sharing easy through “pinning”. Pinning images simply means clicking a button and tah-dah, your image is instantly uploaded to your own personal board. Making the decision of what to pin may be the trickiest part of audience acquisition. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes: what would that specific demographic want to see? Don’t forget to be creative! Funny, shocking, or aesthetically pleasing images tend to lure in greater audiences.

Finally, revenue targets how much money a brand can bring in. Why not pin deals or promotions on your company’s board? By hounding in on promotions, giveaways and incentives to visit your pin board over your competitors, pinners all over will be drawn in instantly. Who says Pinterest can’t make your brand a few extra bucks? Be creative!

What do you think about Pinterest for brands? Does your company have a Pinterest page? Let us know below!