Corporate Volunteer Council of Greater Boston

I attended a meeting of the Corporate Volunteer Council of Greater Boston (CVC) last week. Everyone I met shared my passionate commitment to community service, corporate philanthropy, corporate volunteerism, or public service—pick the name that’s best for you.

Per their website the CVC is “an alliance of area corporations and institutions that promote corporate volunteerism.” I learned that Boston’s CVC was founded in 1981. It’s one of 75 non-profit corporate volunteer councils in the US, born from the Corporate Volunteers of New York in 1992.

In addition, the Points of Light Institute has supported the nationwide network of CVCs, Business Volunteer Councils (BVC), Workplace Volunteer Councils (WVC), Corporate Community Relations Councils (CCRC), etc. The variety of names merely reflects the differing preferences from community to community.

The industries represented at the meeting were varied including non-profits, financial services, healthcare, legal, communications, insurance, and real estate. In talking with Janelle Woods and Anne Bowie of the CVC Executive Committee, everyone is welcome to join the organization. So, check out the CVC website, come to an event, meet some great people, and get charged up! You’ll be glad that you did.