Elliott Masie’s LearningTalks

Elliott Masie is one of the most respected learning and development people around. I, like many training professionals, know of Elliott from his work at The MASIE Center, a “think tank focused on how organizations can support learning and knowledge within the workforce” (1).

More recently, I’ve become interested in the work Elliott’s company has been doing with LearningTalks. Modeled after the popular TED Talks, LearningTalks is a series of short, free, video interviews on all aspects of learning. There are many people and companies to choose from, including Apolo Anton Ohno, Marshall Goldsmith, and Diane Hessan, and Learning Leaders such as JC Penney, Peace Corps, and MTV.

As a serious amateur bike rider and soccer player, I was drawn to Apolo Anton Ohno’s interview right away. Entitled “Extreme Learning & Training: Mastering the Olympics and Dancing with the Stars,” Apolo talks about his father’s seminal influence on his life, the lessons he learned in his sport, and how he applied them to his business. Though I’ve never raced on a short track and can’t dance a step, I can see how Apolo’s experiences can be of direct value in business. Passion for work, commitment to excellence, and the importance of teamwork are critical for success for TRA360 and for me too.

I’ve bookmarked the site and intend to view the other learning videos when I can. It’s worth taking a few minutes out of my busy day to do so. Give the videos a try and let me know what you think. And, if your company is facing learning and development challenges, contact Valentina Rosa if you need some help.

1 http://www.masie.com/Center-Information/who-is-elliott-masie.htm