FierceBiotech: The Biotech Industry’s Daily Monitor

The tagline of FierceBiotech is “The Biotech Industry’s Daily Monitor” and they deserve it! It is a gold mine of information for anyone who works in the biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. And, for medical writers, medical communicators, and regulatory writers, the resources are amazing. There are 8 microsites within FierceBiotech, each with a specific focus in the biopharma universe. With news, features, events, eBooks, white papers, and webinars, they’re got pretty much all your content needs covered. (As an aside, FierceMarkets Network has more than 30 websites.)

What’s the best way to absorb all this information and use it on your job? I think the best approach is to go to FierceBiotech and take a look around. Once you’ve spent some time there, pick the kinds of media that are most useful to you and how you want to get it. Would you rather use an RSS feed to get links to articles of potential interest in your newsreader? Do you prefer to receive an e-newsletter or daily post? How about just bookmarking the website and using it as a resource like Wikipedia? All of these methods are possible and many more. You decide.

Do you know of other valuable resources for biotech and pharma professionals that you’d like to share?