Introducing Agnitio’s Digital Marketing System Rainmaker

Agnitio Rainmaker
Agnitio Rainmaker

The ultimate goal of technical content is to help customers use products most efficiently. This content may also have some persuasive aspects; for example, you may want to justify the new features of a particular product to enhance worker productivity. TRA360 is a professional writing services agency that helps high-tech companies to develop content for a wide range of products and services.

Developing content is the most important part of the communication process. But what if you need to deliver the same message or a customized version of that message to diverse channels and markets? In a webinar hosted by leading CLM software provider Agnitio, most companies tuning in acknowledged that their biggest marketing faux pas was a lack of customer-centric content. In this case, technology is an effective solution. One such example is Rainmaker, Agnitio’s latest CRM system. This is a multichannel communication system that helps healthcare and pharmaceutical companies meet their digital marketing needs through the personalization of content across different markets, languages, cultures, channels, and regulatory environments.

These are just a few of Rainmaker’s most significant features:

  • Localizations and edits that are fast and easy.
  • Tailored communication that can be repurposed across different channels.
  • Utilization of metadata to assign tags and roles to users.
  • Personalized website, web meeting, and patient app.

Rainmaker also provides a partner app, HCP, that gives healthcare professionals their own remote app so they can access and share relevant materials. The system accepts different file formats and also helps users create and export their content so it fits their specific devices.


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