Microsoft Office For the iPad: Yay or Nay?

Will you be using Microsoft Office for the iPad?

Do you dream of being able to use your iPad for not just personal use but for business use too? I’m not talking about sending e-mails or Skyping your business partner on vacation. If so, listen up, Team Microsoft! The rumors are true; in a statement released by The Daily, Microsoft is expected to launch Office for the iPad in the next month.

Technology makes our lives easier. The portable iPad allows us to bring our work with us wherever we want, access our favorite TV show on our morning commute, and even lets us FaceTime with our colleagues or friends. However, the release of Microsoft Office for the iPad will allow users to view documents on their portable tablet. An article from Mashable states that currently iPad users are using Google Docs to open files, a major competitor of Microsoft Office. Also in the works is Office 15, a version of Windows for ARM devices that integrates Office functionality.

What do you think? Will you continue to use Google Docs on your iPad or will you hold out for the new and improved Office for the iPad? For Office 15? Let us know, techies!