Introducing the Company Follow Button for LinkedIn

LinkedIn introduces the Company Follow Button

If you have a Twitter account, you are most likely following brands or individuals that are relevant to your industry. Similarly, if you have a Facebook account, you probably have “liked” brands that you use, musical artists that you listen to, and even general places you have been to. LinkedIn must have felt out of the loop because on February 27, 2012 the professional social networking platform launched their first tool to connect users with their favorite companies and brands. Welcome to the new LinkedIn“Company Follow” button!

Connecting with consumers and providing potential customers with information, contests, and updates about your brand are essential for businesses to succeed with social media. If a brand generates enough unique and relevant content to their industry, people will start noticing and take interest. That’s where the Company Follow button comes in.

A recent article from Mashable states that internal research shows 70% of LinkedIn members currently follow or would follow a company on LinkedIn and 60% would expect industry news from the companies they follow. Begin following businesses to establish new relationships with your favorite brands or even better, feature a company follow button on YOUR LinkedIn business page! Think of LinkedIn as another social channel to plant your content through and watch that seed grow over time! With enough watering (and interactions/updates), your business will have plenty of LinkedIn followers in no time!

Are you following brands on LinkedIn yet? Let us know below how you like this new feature!