Presenting at the Conference for Software User Assistance Peer Showcase

I’m writing this post in the middle of our fourth nor’easter of the season. On the first of February we’ve already had more than 60 inches of snow dumped on Greater Boston, with another 12-16 inches forecast by end of tomorrow. I remember enjoying snow as a little kid, especially with the words “snow day” added to the mix. But now, the snow is more of a pain than a joy.

Fortunately, some warm weather thoughts are distracting me today. I’ll be traveling March 13-16 to Long Beach, CA 2011 to present at Peer Showcase of The Conference for Software User Assistance. Joe Welinske, president of WritersUA and direct sponsor of the conference, recently informed me of our selection. I’ll be presenting the EM35x Development Kit Quick Start Guide, a foldout document TRA360 created for Ember Corporation, a leading provider of wireless sensor and control network technologies for businesses, homes and the utilities that serve them. TRA360 has been providing technical documentation services to Ember since 2004.

WritersUA is one of the most respected companies in the UA and technical documentation worlds. So, to be selected to participate in the Peer Showcase is a significant accomplishment for the entire TRA360 team. The conference’s focus is on developing the best possible user experience for all types of software applications through well-designed interfaces, helpful, and accessible support information. Technical writers, online help developers, documentation managers, technical publication managers, and many others are among the many types of people who will attend. Want to learn more? Go to the conference agenda and read all about it. You’ll be glad you did!

And, if you make it to Long Beach, introduce yourself. I’ll be the guy without the shovel.