Microsoft and GE Healthcare Completes Joint Venture

The Craze for Caradigm

Two major powerhouses, Microsoft and GE Healthcare, have joined forces to “create a 50-50 joint venture that will help health systems and professionals use real-time, organization-wide intelligence to improve healthcare quality and the patient experience” (Marketwatch).

What is Caradigm?

Caradigm is the newest healthcare intelligence platform that aims to improve outcomes and economics of health and wellness. Microsoft and GE healthcare’s agreement was finalized on June 1, 2012.

What’s to come of Caradigm?

Caradigm will be lead by CEO, Michael Simpson, originally from GE Healthcare. Simpson looks forward to working with the emerging technology of Caradigm to help the continuous growth of today’s healthcare system. This new technology will enable the development of innovative healthcare solutions and software tools to better our system.

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