Why Can’t We Be Friends? The Struggle of Alliances Between Apple, Facebook and Google

What if Google, Facebook and Apple merged?

What if social media and technology formed a partnership to take over the world? Although many of us are not concerned with a digital world takeover, the top three social media and tech players are vying for the most attention and popularity. Welcome to the world of Apple, Google, and Facebook, three of the largest online networks and game players in the social, digital and tech fields.

As in any game, whether it’s a reality television show or board game, a player must possess strategy to win. With strategy, comes the formation of alliances, knowing who you want on your team, and the formation of enemies, who you collectively decide to revolt against. The idea of the largest social network in the world, Facebook, partnering up with Apple has been widely discussed to develop an even greater digital powerhouse. If Apple and Facebook are making big plans to change the world through technology through an alliance, what happens to their teammate, Google?

According to an article by Computerworld, Google can’t make a direct alliance with Twitter or other social platforms because they always end up stealing the show. For instance, why else would Google share their plans for three-dimensional Google Maps the same time as Apple’s WWDC event? Is Google raining on Apple’s parade because they are jealous? Is Google being recognized as Apple and Facebook’s latest enemy?

What do you think about the possibility of Facebook teaming up with Apple? Should Google join the mix to create a social media/tech takeover or will Google be left in the dust to fend for their selves? Let us know your thoughts and comment below!