The Content Wrangler

Have you ever heard of Scott Abel or his website The Content Wrangler? If not and you’re a technical documentation or social media pro, start reading. Better yet, bookmark the site and subscribe to the RSS feed. You can also sign up for the e-newsletter, follow Scott on Twitter, or join his Facebook community.

I rely on The Content Wrangler for blog posts, podcasts, and archives on technical documentation. They keep me up-to-date on content management strategies and technologies, using social media in the enterprise, DITA for technical writing, and lots of other important topics. Scott’s opinions are direct and no-holes-barred. A recent post entitled “Facebook Faux Pas Number Two: A User Experience Only Programmers Could Have Devised” is a perfect example.

Scott’s been at this game for a while—his blog archives date back to September 2002—so his experience is deep and wide. While you might not always agree with his opinions, you’ll always receive enough information to make sound business decisions.

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