What To Do About High Gas Prices?

Many of us have heard the rumors about gas prices increasing to nearly $5 per gallon in just two short months from now. Unfortunately, at the rate gas prices are steadily increasing, this myth may be a harsh reality for anyone with an oil-powered automobile. A.K.A. most of the United States.

The uncertainty about oil supply due to Middle East turmoil attribute to the skyrocketing gas prices, but also shows us that the US dollar’s worth is declining and so is our purchasing power. And fast.

The article, “There is Something We Can Do About High Gas Prices”, suggests that in our current state where we have little to no control over the astonishingly high gas prices the US should consider additional gas drilling and creating more of a market for solar and wind powered eco-friendly products, including electrical cars.

What do you think about skyrocketing gas prices? Will you continue to use your gas guzzling car and shell out hundreds of dollars per month or will you cut back on travel? At what price limit do you think society will make the shift to driving electric and renewable energy automobiles? Comment below and let us know your thoughts!