Do you HootSuite U?

Are you looking to further expand your social media superpowers to better enhance your brand? Do you long for a tool that helps you organize your various social media outlets in a given space? You may already have checked out our series on how HootSuite Pro can accomplish just that. But we’re not here to talk about going Pro. HootSuite University (or “HootSuite U”) is essentially an extension to the HootSuite family that offers some pretty sweet perks.

How can users benefit from HootSuite U?

HootSuite describes HootSuite U as “a learning program designed to educate people on HootSuite features and social media marketing best practices”. The way we see it, HootSuite U comes hand in hand with Hootsuite’s various platforms (Basic, Pro, Enterprise, etc.) and helps its users fully understand what Hootsuite has to offer in terms of social media. Further, students enrolled in HootSuite U take three courses, each with their own exam at the end. After passing each exam, HootSuite U grads will be listed in HootSuite’s Social Media Consultant Directory and receive access to a library of webinars from industry experts.

As a social media consultant myself, I think HootSuite U is an extremely valuable tool. Business owners and non-tech savvy individuals alike are desperately trying to find a way into the social media world but tend to become too overwhelmed by the process, don’t have the time/patience, or don’t know where to turn to when looking for social media assistance. The value of HootSuite U is clear, but it’s the dedication of the student and their willingness to learn that makes all the difference.

For $30.99/month for non-HootSuite Pro users, or $21/month for HootSuite Pro users, HootSuite U seems worth it for those looking to enter the digital world. Check it out, we’re even in HootSuite U’s Hoot100 video! Do you U? If not, do you know anyone who could benefit from learning some new social media tricks and tips? Tweet to us and let us know @TRA360!

4 thoughts on “Do you HootSuite U?

  1. Daniel, Glad to hear that you’re a huge fan of HootSuite too. You have more experience than we do, so we appreciate the positive feedback on our post. If you don’t mind me asking, what are you clients using HootSuite for? Have you featured any customer success stories on your blog? ~~Tim

  2. Yeah, social media can feel like amolst a full-time job. Like you, I feel increasingly overwhelmed with every new outlet and thus more resistent to embracing it. For example, I now have a Google+ account but haven’t done a thing with it. While not time-consuming, Twitter is demanding all day long and thus is intrusive. I dunno, maybe an hour set aside somehow is the answer.

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