Hackpad: The Newest Wiki On The Block

Wikis. Internet collaboration. Fast. Easy. Yes, these terms mingle into one user-friendly wiki that makes other wikis look like complicated rocket science. Introducing Hackpad, the newest wiki on the block that really may just be the best one yet.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of wikis, think of Wikipedia, one of the more common wikis. Wikis allow users to freely create and edit web page content, but supports hyperlinks and has the ability to create new pages. Typically, users will be either viewing a page or editing a page using a textbox. However, Hackpad allows its users to do both simultaneously through a text insertion cursor which allows users to begin typing immediately. Although other wikis may encounter user “traffic”, where more than one user is editing text at the same time, Hackpad allows users to edit content at the same time through real-time edits and allows other contributors to view your content as you are typing.

Test out Hackpad for yourself! Registration requires either an e-mail address, Facebook account, or Gmail account. Once registration is complete, you can begin creating new “pads”. Working with code? No problem! Hackpad offers syntax highlighting for HTML, JacaScript, Java, and several others. If you are in the market for trying out a new wiki, Hackpad may be your newest go-to.

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  1. Hi there, I loved the video’s explanation of a Wiki. Great stuff! I am setting up a Wiki myself (for uni). I intend to include this link in my Wiki page so people accessing my Wiki can gain a better understanding of what’s involved. Is this alright by you? Ciao, Dianne

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