Knowing Your Demographics

Know your demographics before generating content!

It seems simple enough; your brand pushes out content to your followers, customers  and consumers, they read it, maybe think about it for a few minutes, but about twenty minutes later, it’s lost information. In one ear and out the other, cluttered among the other tweets, posts, blogs, e-blasts, newsletters and e-mail they read every day. However, when brands take the time to do their homework on their followers and understanding the demographics of their audience, content is more likely to be retained. 

Yes, content generation is the key to gaining credibility and establishing relationships, however, without proper knowledge of your brand’s demographics, your potential reach could be that much larger. By analyzing the trends in your data (thank you Hootsuite Pro and Google Analytics), and determining whether your readers are mostly male or female, US or internationally based, old or young, this data will provide you with the secret sauce to content success. Pushing out content to the wrong crowd, age group, or even gender could be preventing your brand from succeeding (and those numbers from skyrocketing!)

TRA360 lesson of the week: If you’re going to push out content, make sure you are pushing it out to the right audience! Knowing your demographics is key for your brand’s success. Do you use analytical tools to research your company’s demographics? Let us know @TRA360!