Mass Emailing and Future Plans

So yesterday we sent out our first mass emailing to our corporate database. It was very excited to start executing the plan we’ve been working on for a few weeks now. The response so far has been strong and already more people are joining TRA360’s social networks. Building brand awareness is a goal of ours and I think we’re growing it successfully. We’re planning on offering free materials and know-how on the site sometime shortly, so let us know what specifically you’d like to see. In addition, work samples for our various practices will be hitting the site soon so we can represent.

The next big project in the pipeline will be a survey for the customers so we can figure out how to be Super-TRA360! I joked with Tim the only options for opinions should be “Good, Very Good, and Excellent.” That way, 100% of the responses will be positive 😉  I’ll do my best to make the survey unbiased so it can be of actual value though because the goal isn’t glorification, it’s improvement.