Mass Innovation Nights, ePowerhouse and more!

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the 31st Mass Innovation Night, at the Trade Center 128 in Woburn. It was cool to see a handful of startups and their strategies for growth. I was surprised to see and 0ld friend, Alexander Tsepko of Grafpad doing a professional pitch when only months ago he was at the Venture Cafe testing the water. That in itself is a testament to the great resources in the area being made available to entrepreneurs. Speaking of resources…

Mass Innovation Night
Mass Innovation Night #MIN31

ePowerhouse is a company trying to help entrepreneurs and investors. The accelerator program being created and the network around it will soon evolve into a hub for both investors and entrepreneurs. After all, who likes going to a million different places to do a million different things when trying to start a company? Surely there is an easier and more efficient way. From talent pools, comprehensive event calender,  incubators to capital acceleration programs, EPH will change the landscape for entrepreneurs, and not just locally. But yeah check it out at the link.

Finally, Hubspot has been providing some great resources on social media. I went to an event last week at Hubspot and as usual, learned a lot. Right when my arrogance kicks in and I think I know everything, I talk with some more knowledgeable people and realize some great concepts and ideas. That’s what networking is all about.