Capturing the Odd Moment of Endless Wins

There was intermittent sunshine and puffed lead looking clouds.

Lotus Development Corporation had already moved into a newer and more spacious Cambridge site.

I was sitting—a comfortable bench at the ground floor—the street level, the entrance area.

I had just come from Harvard, waiting to meet, Linda, who worked upstairs as a Lotus Q/A wrangler. We were going to a Mexican Restaurant, just down the street.

This area—cool and comfortable. I was sitting on a bench reading an old book in English published “Ceylon, 1910”—The Pratitya Samutpada Sutta—on the idea that THE ALL = The Simultaneous Interdependent Origination of All Phenomena—thus THE ALL was existing within and without itself and basically was both connected and not connected to the “Inside” and “Outside” of Actual Being. Waiting was comfortable and relaxed—very few people wandering around.

This guy in a dark suit that was a little bit too big for him, came up into the corner of my eye and said, “Whatcha reading?”

I replied with the book title, expecting the old “Say what?” or some signal of not caring at all, or “I don’t have time from this crap…unimportant anyway.”

But he sat down, saw the book title, and started talking cogently about Buddhism and the Nature of Reality. I recognized him. “You’re Jobs, aren’t you?”

“Steve,” he said.

And we talked for about an hour: The Nature of Reality and how people react to even thinking about it; why people run away from it; zen koans and the nature of hidden laughter within important truths; the nature of “taking the medicine instead of worshipping the prescription,” interactions and simultaneity of Compassion, Wisdom, and Power.

So fast “Steve” became a brother with no blood roots to me. He was a Brother to the Many Minds of Us–The Other Brothers–The Other Sisters. He joined his intelligence to the many, and never kept it for himself. How can I miss him since I and We–the Brothers & Sisters–are still joined at the hip. And I am not alone.