Online Writing: Goldmine or Global Sweatshop?

How do you market yourself as a freelance writer?

Do you have a blog that you enjoy reading on a daily or weekly basis? An online publication that you have bookmarked under your favorites? Society relies on information gathered and written by others; between newspapers, magazines or online blogs. However, the authors behind the content trying to make a living don’t necessarily have it so easy. The article, “Online Writing: Goldmine or Global Sweatshop” published in the Digital Journal discusses the pros and cons of self-employment through blogging and freelance writing.

Currently, writers are in high demand, which speaks for the “goldmine” element of online writing. That said, online writing may not be all that it’s cracked up to be between the pay-by-gig (versus not a steady weekly paycheck), getting your name recognized, and keeping on top of new business.

Technical writing is an example of a profession that requires not only knowledge of the industry, but also exceptional writing skills. However, sometimes knowledge of the industry and writing skills alone are not enough. Self-promotion is a key nugget of success for landing the gig and excelling in online writing. Unlike a steady full-time job, writers have to continuously show their clients and potential clients why they should hire you for the job. Create a digital portfolio of your work and begin marketing yourself through social media. If you don’t believe your skills and offering are up-to-par or better than your competition out there, why will other companies?

Freelance online writing and blogging can be a tough career path, but by using your resources that are right at your fingertips (websites like E-Lance that helps people find freelancing gigs), and self-promotion, you will get more bites on the hook. Remember, if you believe in yourself and your work, others will too!

Are you a freelance blogger or online writer? How do you market yourself to land jobs? Let us know below!