Social Media Recipe #1: How To Seed

Over the next several months, TRA360 will be blogging about our most coveted tips, tricks and how to’s in the social media world. As many of us know, social media has begun to take over marketing and branding. Social media has shaped up businesses across the world in addition to helping brands develop trust and credibility among their consumers.

This week’s social media “recipe” is about seeding. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of seeding, seeding refers to the act of generating content and “planting” that content in related online forums, platforms or discussion boards to find people who might be similarly interested in your content.

How To Seed



1 (or more) piece(s) of juicy content

1 working computer with internet access

1 completed LinkedIn profile

1 cup of motivation

3/4 cup of networking skills

Typically, seeding works well with blog posts, articles, newsletters, short research summaries, etc. The best piece of wisdom we have to offer here is do your homework. Seeding seems simple, yes, but in reality, if you are seeding in the wrong online locations your content is bound to be ignored. Do your homework by researching the top 10 locations of where your content will be read and replied to. Engagement is key here!

A LinkedIn profile is essential for seeding because of the “groups” feature. Joining related groups to your industry and seeding your content through these groups will help generate a buzz about your content. Writing about social media and not sure where to seed? Start with your own personal Twitter account, Facebook page, and knowledge share groups on LinkedIn. Other platforms allow their authors to be published and read by thousands including Social Media Today, Digital Doughnut, and Business 2 Community.

Good luck, seeders!