The Power of LinkedIn Answers

I recently needed to merge two accounts in LinkedIn. Unfortunately, LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to merge accounts. They recommend transferring all your profile information and contacts to one account and closing the other. But closing an account causes you to lose all of the information in that account including profile information, connections, and recommendations. Sounds like a painful and tedious process to me.

So, what did I do next? Rather than wasting a lot more time with How-Tos in the LinkedIn knowledgebase, I decided to use LinkedIn Answers. Using LinkedIn Answers is simple. Go to the website, log into your LinkedIn account, and ask your business question by completing the fields. Hint: I deselected “Only share this question with connections I select” to get the most replies.

What happened? Ten minutes after posting my question, I got a detailed reply with two procedures for closing one of my accounts and migrating my information. When I followed the first set of steps, I got an error from LinkedIn. I sent a follow-up email and she provided further instructions…in minutes! I did what she said and 20 minutes later everything was working perfectly (even though LinkedIn said it might take 24-48 hours). I was thrilled to have my problems solved so efficiently!

Footnote: Two hours after completing my merge task, I had four additional replies in my LinkedIn Inbox. None was as detailed as the first one but all were helpful.