The surprising truth about what motivates us

Elliott Lemenager has started following me on Twitter. I’m not sure how he found me and why my posts interest him. (I sent him a direct message to find out. If he replies, I’ll update this post.)

Elliott’s an interesting character. According to his blog, he writes to “give insight into my social media/environmental efforts” and founded Phoenix Local Music. In his day job, Elliott is an Online Community Manager for Microsoft’s Startup Business Group (SBG). He’s active in social media on professional and personal levels, and is also committed to CleanTech/GreenTech.

Elliott recently posted Dan Pink’s RSA Animate video entitled “Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us.” It’s an informative, entertaining, and creative video, even though I got a bit dizzy from the hyperspeed writing on the whiteboard.

The video is almost 11 minutes and Elliott recommends watching it all and I agree. However, if you can’t watch the whole piece, he says to watch 6:44 min in. I disagree. Start watching at 5:05 min. In my opinion, the discussion about what motivates people and provides the most personal satisfaction—autonomy, mastery, and purpose—are the best part.