The Venture Cafe at the Cambridge Innovation Center is AWESOME!


The Venture Cafe in Cambridge MA
The Venture Cafe in Cambridge MA

Yesterday was my first time visiting the Venture Cafe in the Cambridge Innovation Center,  in you guessed- Cambridge. Someday I hope I can live either in or real close to that city- it’s nothing short of amazing. Everyone I talked to had something interesting going on. In the short few months I feel I’ve really developed myself as a marketer and have set a strong foundation for the future. Talking about what I do comes naturally now and people are interested in the work I’ve done and the ideas I have. I event got asked to speak at an upcoming event which I graciously and excitedly agreed to. I can’t wait to make it back hopefully next week! Every Thursday from 3-8 check it out! (if you need any more incentive, there’s free food, drinks and beer.)

Some of the highlights from the event were obviously the people. Chip Selley of Disruptive Apps blew me away with his simple, yet revolutionary idea that will make jukeboxes obsolete. Like I told him, in the tech world 95% of new apps are total garbage and it sucks to listen to people speak so passionately about them. This was not the case with him. In a nutshell, his app allows visitors to restaurants, bars and coffee shops to pick what songs are played over the speakers for a small fee. Similar to a jukebox, only the playlists are unlimited, easily controllable by the owner, and payment is as easy as pushing a button, rather than fishing for a dollar.The industry itself pulls in millions of dollar every year and he’s turning it on it’s head. He’s already talking with the major players in the industry, pun not intended, and I’m sure success on the horizon.

Another great connect was Gabriel Martin of Organism. Call him Gabe and he’ll cut your head off. But seriously, this guy is a social media guru. He once got 1,000 Twitter followers in one day! Needless to say, I got a few pointers and took them to heart. Quality beats quantity, but that name recognition is key and I’m trying to hit my next target of 500 followers. With his help I now have more arrows in my quiver and know that 500 will happen sooner rather than later.

Venture Cafe, Cambridge, MA
Venture Cafe sign




See you next week VC!

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