Top Social Media Lesson Learned In 2011

Carry Over The Lessons of 2011
Carry Over The Lessons of 2011

As 2011 comes to a close, it’s worthwhile to review some of the changes that have taken place this past year. Whether you’re a freelance blogger or a corporate executive, social media has it’s value in business and needs to be utilized in this new era of communication. Shall we begin?

5) Have Fun! Most people can tell when something is genuine so be sure to put in some honest effort into your social media. If you think just existing online will lead to riches you are poorly mistaken. Instead, create content passionately and cultivate a following.

4) Have a purpose. Whether your blogging about marketing or doing makeup (yes, I actually know a successful makeup blogger) it’s important to stick to your purpose to which your audience is built around. People like consistency so try not to be all over the place, and if you are sort it out so people don’t get upset.

3) Make online friends and share their deserving content. This lesson builds off the whole “I scratch your back you scratch mine” mantra. It’s rather self explanatory.

2) Be everywhere you can. Creating new content, be it blogs, videos or white papers, is time consuming. Relatively speaking, getting that content all of the internet is not. Assuming you made good content, it will have a much higher chance at virality by being pushed out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ect. Doing this consistently will lead to success.

1) Customers can easily form online mobs. It’s best to obliged to their demands as soon as a problem is realized, lest you become the next Netflix or GoDaddy. Better yet, why not ask a few customers about such genius plans as raising prices dramatically or supporting something that is crippling to your industry because of a few backroom deals? The customer is the one that pays your bills so it’s wise to believe they know best.

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