Using LinkedIn for Businesses

Do you use LinkedIn for your brand?

LinkedIn, as many of us know, represents the social networking realm for professionals. Between recent college graduates, the unemployed looking for work, or just a platform to meet more people in your industry, LinkedIn’s purpose is well received. However, when it comes to execution and “doing”, brands tend to get lost in what purpose they serve as an organization on this social network. Lets take a look.

1. Create a company page

 Starting with the basics, creating a company page with your brand’s information, logo and mission statement is a great starting point for LinkedIn.

 2. Community focused groups

One of LinkedIn’s (arguably) best features is the ability for a user or business to both create and join tailored groups to each profession. Are you a life science professional? There are many groups whose members are also in the industry. Are you in Public Relations? No problem, there are groups for that, too. Some groups are small or even private, whereas other groups have thousands of members (especially groups of a specific trade or publication). Promoting your brand through a customized group will allow you to administer all activity and oversee the community.

3. Engagement

LinkedIn is an excellent way to engage with your targets and clients. Send out LinkedIn status updates letting your followers know weekly updates with your brand or start group discussions leading people back to your LinkedIn page and back to your website. Engagement with your followers through LinkedIn will simultaneously help you grow your brand just by staying active on LinkedIn.

Is your brand on LinkedIn? How else do you like to use the social media platform to grow your business? Let us know and comment below!