Adobe Adds Lightroom to Creative Cloud

Do you subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud?

Are you an Adobe addict like us? Jump back to February where we reported on the latest addition to the Adobe empire: the introduction of the all-new $50/per month creative cloud. What’s the latest Adobe buzz? On Tuesday, June 26, Adobe announced that it is adding Lightroom 4 to their cloud services. Their Lightroom software will be available for download and included in a user’s subscription.

So, why is Lightroom important to the Cloud?

Along with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and DreamWeaver access in the cloud, Lightroom will allow professionals to “quickly import, manage, and enhance images.” On its own, Lightroom 4 costs approximately $150, not including fees for upgrades.

Do you subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud? Will you be using the new Lightroom function? Let us know @TRA360!