USE ME!—The Wonderland Label on Social Media

Social Media
What social media networks does your business use?

If social media found itself in a Lewis Carroll novel, the label on the bottle would read “Use Me!” Over the last few days, I’ve looked at how companies use their media outlets. I found that unless the company was a big brand the websites were awful. I stumbled across one company in my research that had an account with LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, but they might as well have not had any of them. They have a LinkedIn with listed employee titles, but no one has a name, a picture, or even a link.

As a newbie to LinkedIn, less than a month into being a user, but I was under the impression that the point was to be able to locate people. Searching this company and essentially coming up with a blank employee list blew my mind. This company made their YouTube account six years ago, but they haven’t updated their content in three years. Again, I don’t understand the point in having an account if there is no content being published. I found their Twitter with an amazing one thousand tweets. I was impressed for a minute, since the other two sites had been flops, but then the big goose egg in front of their followers brought my feet back to the ground. They tweeted over a thousand times prior to May 17, 2011, their last tweet, but no one took their bait—poor Twitter account. With a little hope left I reached at their Facebook page, 73 likes and no content beyond the linked Wikipedia article.

After returning to our social media pages, it was refreshing to view a steady stream of content. With an incredible tool like social media a mouse click away, I was amazed that companies go through the process of making a site, and then drop the bomb when it comes to maintaining the content. TRA360 is trying to use social media to the best of our ability. We update our blog twice a week, and we have three Twitter accounts! Check out our LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and the rest of our Blog.

Let us know how we’re doing with our social media, and your thoughts on corporate social media usage in general!