The Digital Doughnut Craze

Yum, a Twitter doughnut!

Do you like yours glazed or powdered? Jimmies or cream filling? Is your mouth watering now? Introducing the sweetest global community for marketing professionals, DigitalDoughnut. DD, not to be confused with Dunkin’ Donuts, allows users to “build a definitive resource on all things digital” which, in turn, allows marketing professionals to help expand their content.

Although DigitalDoughnut is relatively new, marketers from major brands including Sony and Nestle are using the company’s services. Got content worth sharing? Send it over to DD to have more eyeballs view what you have to say about digital marketing! Unsure of how to register? Save time and connect through your LinkedIn account!

Here at TRA360, creating content is only a small part of what we do. Sharing and spreading your content through various social platforms ultimately brings your content to other people, without having them work to find it. DigitalDoughnut makes this process simple and painless.

Are you a doughnut lover? Us too! (Both the digital and confectionary kind!) You may even remember our blog post last winter about how eating a doughnut is like social media. Comment below and let us know your thoughts!