Beating CNN on a scoop! NH Media Makers and Venture Cafe!

NH Media Makers Night At the Currier Museam in Manchester
NH Media Makers Night At the Currier Museum in Manchester

So if you know me, then you probably know I’ve recently started using Twitter these past few weeks. I don’t mean to brag (I totally do) but I beat CNN when tweeting about the House vote on the horrendous debt bill. I watched it live, and saw it was going to pass. Unlike some news organizations who prematurely tweeted of the passage, I tweeted the exact moment there was enough votes. I beat several major news organizations to the punch by at least 30 seconds. I thought that was really cool. Maybe next time they should just retweet me haha.

Last night sure was a busy one. I had to split my time between the always cool Venture Cafe in Cambridge, and my first NH Media Makers night at the Currier Museum in Manchster. Kicking off the evening at the VC was great. I got to see a lot of friendly faces and interact on a first name basis. It’s cool to see people’s ideas come to fruition week after week. It just goes to show what passion and drive can really do for someone’s dream. My dream is to someday become a leader in marketing, and this summer I’ve gotten miles closer to it. That being said, my imagination is far from limited to marketing. I have no idea where this path I’m on will lead, but something tells me it’s a good place.

The Media Makers event was a real treat. The museum itself was spectacular and the MC of the night John Herman did an exceptional job keeping the event rolling. Everyone got a chance to give a “rocket-pitch” about themselves. Though it took quite some time to get through the crowd of roughly 100 people, it was entertaining and fun. I hope the next event isn’t too far away from Manchester, because strangely enough, I like events I don’t have to commute to. Next week I’ve got quite a bit going on with a Nanotechnology Conference run by TURI and a networking gala being put on by CitizenSchool. I’ll stay in touch. And hey, stop being a phantom reader. I could use a comment now and then 😉