Get Ready To Meet Your Competwition

Do you use Competwition?

Brands and individuals active on Twitter are constantly trying to build relationships, better understand engagement with their followers, and gain credibility. Some are successful on their own, but others are left in the dust and get lost in the depths of the vast Twittersphere. However, what if a brand realized this issue and then acted upon it to help those Twitter users in need of a traffic boost? Introducing, Competwition, a website that allows users to create and enter competwitions with some pretty cool prizes.

The concept of Competwition is right on the money. Marketing strategies typically work best when an incentive of some type is involved. By creating an outlet to allow users to create their own contests and choose their own prizes to give away, more users will engage. Hosting a competwition? The better the prize you’re giving away, the more followers and general web traffic you are bound to receive. Entering a competwition? You could win free goodies like concert tickets, sweatshirts, software, products, or even a new iPad! The prize you give away in your company’s competwition is 100% up to you. All you need is a Twitter handle to enter and host competwitions—it’s that easy!

Competwition has the ability to change social media marketing forever, but has it caught on yet? Let us know if you have you heard about Competwition and if so, have you used it?