HootSuite and Adobe Partner Up to Help Brands Calculate ROI

HootSuite & Adobe Partner Up!

As a business owner, marketing professional or social media professional, we like to see numbers. Specifically, how many website hits our business or client is receiving, how much new interest the brand is getting, and increased ROI (return on investment). Essentially, we want to see results. In a recent MarketWatch press release, HootSuite and Adobe announced a partnership to help marketers calculate ROI.

What does this partnership mean for brands?

Here’s the gist. HootSuite will be working with Adobe to automatically calculate on-site social media ROI through connecting social media engagement with website conversions and statistics. By using this quantitative approach, marketers will be able to achieve the best and most accurate results with the actionable data Adobe and HootSuite are providing. This system gives customers a level of information on social engagement ROI including: message efficacy, employee ROI, social account success, ROI per post, and optimizing traffic by determining at what point of the day is the best time to post and generate content through various social channels?

The Adobe and HootSuite partnership enables businesses to utilize analytical measurement tools in one all-inclusive package. Businesses now have a simple “go-to” for measuring data and success that saves on time, money and effort. Here at TRA360 we are all for this new partnership! What do you think? Let us know below!