How to Make Your Content Go Viral

Can you create viral content?
Can you create viral content?

We all want to be famous and receive worldwide acknowledgment for a talent, skill, idea, or content that we created. But with so many other people and brands out there trying to receive the same recognition, how can you make yourself stand out from the crowd? Whether you are company looking to be widely recognized or an individual looking for overnight fame, the key is figuring out a niche to going viral.

People think that going viral is like winning the lottery: you have a one in a billion chance of winning or making it big. But by nailing down the following two basic characteristics for making content go viral, you’ll be thanking the academy (or Inc. magazine) in no time!

1)    Take a Risk

Everyone’s trying to become noticed and using the same social media platforms to promote their business or themselves. Instead of going along with the current, put yourself out there and do something out of the ordinary! For businesses, this does not mean embarrassing yourself or acting in an unprofessional manner. Think more about individuality and uniqueness; what haven’t people done in your industry or field already that you would be interested in seeing or hearing? Take for instance those YouTube videos that take you by surprise (sneezing panda, anyone?) or an article that makes you gasp. We love content with crazy characteristics because the element of surprise is a nice change from our daily reads. Create a funky video for your company or even conduct a hilarious interview with an unexpected candidate—the possibilities are endless! People will want to share this content with their colleagues, friends, and family members, which could create overnight success!

2)    Discuss a Hot New Topic

Hot topics like new emerging technologies and popular industry trends spread like wildfire. Once a major publication grabs hold of valuable information, you can be assured that major news outlets will be reporting on the same topic, it will be a trending topic in Twitter and become a page on Facebook. But after awhile, the news can become old and repetitive. By finding an interesting topic that hasn’t been widely talked about or sharing your ideas with a unique perspective, people will recognize the uniqueness of your actions and begin to share your content through various social channels. 

SEOmoz is one example of a brand that has taken off virally. As an SEO software development company who has over 114,000 followers and 31,000 fans on Facebook, this brand is doing something right. Staying active on all social channels and generating fresh content definitely helps SEOMoz with their popularity! Check out what CEO and Co-Founder, Rand Fishkin has to say about going viral.

Going viral may sound nearly impossible, but there’s a sea of people out there hungry for refreshing and invigorating content. Why not try becoming the provider? Comment below and let us know what your favorite viral content is and why. We bet you can do it too, but even better!