HootSuite Pro Trial Thoughts

Which HootSuite Pro analytical report do you prefer?

After a month of using HootSuite Pro, our trial has finally come to an end. You may have read about our first two weeks using HootSuite Pro here, but most recently we experimented with creating our first HootSutite Pro Analytical Report. Because of HootSuite’s point system, I found myself making a decision as to which type of report to execute. Would the Google Analytics 50 point report benefit TRA360? What about the proposal report for 45 points? How about the click summary report? Ultimately, I decided to use all of our allotted points for the month to create a Google Analytics report. However, when it came time to link up the company’s analytics to the report, the report would not execute with our correct analytics. Through countless tries of re-doing the report over and over again, I continued to see “error, error” popping up on the screen. Frustrated that my monthly report points were not only used up, but on a report showing me an “error” sign, I turned to HootSuite’s Help Desk.

HootSuite’s Help Desk may seem like a standard “tell us your problem and we’ll look at it” type of system at a first glance, but I’ve learned not to judge a book by its cover. After submitting a request “ticket” with specifics about the issue I was coming across, filling out my name and contact information, I was contacted less than 24 hours later by a real life human who was working with me, digitally, to solve my problem. Several e-mail exchanges later, my personal HootSuite help had solved the TRA360 analytics mystery—apparently two of our accounts were connected to HootSuite Pro, making Pro confused and ultimately resulting in an inconclusive report. Tah dah, problem solved and report successfully finished!

So there you have it, our experience with HootSuite Pro. It’s true, this trial was not a smooth ride down Easy Street. However, the kinks in the road were met with fantastic and incredibly helpful resources right at my fingertips. HootSuite is looking to help you succeed in your social media and digital life. Thinking of going Pro? Try it yourself, free of charge for a month and let us know what you think! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing Amanda! We love hearing stories about how HootSuite helps people like yourself. The support owls will be very happy to see this as well.

    Let us know how we can help and Hoot on!

    -HootSuite Community

  2. You’re welcome for the post and thanks in advance for sharing with the support owls.

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