Why Your Company Should Be Blogging

Skeptical about having a company blog? Don't be!

WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger…have you heard these words before but don’t understand their meaning? Do the terms “widget” or “social plug-in” scare you? The world of blogging can be daunting to many business owners; the ones who know they need a blog but are lost at where to begin or the ones who don’t have a clue why they should be blogging or what to blog about. That’s where TRA360 comes in. Let’s take a look:

First, let us take a look back to a previous post informing readers what to blog about and when to post it. Blog about industry trends, personal experiences relating to your business, a new product launch or even create a mini “how-to” series! Creating content is fairly simple if you can put your own creative twist on it. Corporate blogs don’t always have to be boring and strictly factual. Let your company stand out from the crowd by using your own “voice”.

So…why should your company have a blog?

To be part of a team

Blogs are great to relay a certain tone of voice to your audience. Have all of your employees blog on behalf of your business! By enabling other members of the brand to blog, you are showing a more three-dimensional element to your brand. Not only will your web traffic increase, but it’s always fun to hear other people’s perspectives, especially within a single organization.

To become trusted in your industry

Blogging daily or weekly can help your brand become a major player in your industry. Becoming a credible source of information and presenting your brand as a thought leader, will begin to grow your audience’s trust. Be open and honest when blogging- your readers will appreciate it and your numbers will drastically increase over time!

Are you thinking of starting a company blog? Let us know if our tips and tricks on corporate blogging helped you out!