Top Tips For How to Mix Work and Play In the Social World

 In social settings, the lines between work and play often become blurred. If you’re not careful, a mistake at the company mixer could end up costing you an opportunity, or worse a job. There’s a proper strategy for networking with businesspeople and maintaining your profession identity, and luckily for you the top tips are right here.

Networking Should Be Fun
Networking Should Be Fun

 1)      Act like the camera is always rolling. In today’s digital world, embarrassment and shame can last much longer than the memories themselves. Act like you would if your life way being taped and you’ll be all set. Professionalism doesn’t end at 5pm and if you want that job or promotion, you better believe the bosses are watching your every move. How you act reflects on the company. As a rule of thumb, don’t do anything you wouldn’t want your mother to see. Privacy settings can’t prevent someone else from uploading uncanny pictures or videos of your actions. Think smart.


2)      Ask how can I help you? Would you loan a stranger $100? Probably not. The same goes for buying goods or hiring from a stranger. People don’t like to be bombared with sales pitches at social events, or ever for that matter. Instead, focus on building relationships first, and the fruits will come in time. By offering to help someone else on their endevours, you build trsut and friendship that can be utilized in the future.


3)      Have fun. People don’t become friends with wall-flowers, and the outgoing individual is the one who will be making new contacts. Though it’s important not to be obnoxious or the one people talk about the next day, there’s a strong benefit to being charismatic and enjoyable. Gaining someone’s confidence is a great start to a business relationship. People love to share stories with friends, and create new ones with better friends. By building a network of cohorts, the odds will begin to favor you professionally.


What are your top tips for networking in the 21stcentury?