Why Google Analytics Is Like Fritos

A delicious bag of Fritos.

Have you ever popped a Frito into your mouth and without realizing it, your hand is already back in the bag for another handful until the entire bag is gone? Does the corn chip’s crunch paired with just enough salt make your mouth water for more? If you’ve ever had a bag of chips before, you, probably like myself, don’t know when to stop until you are feverishly searching the bag for any traces of the last few crumbs. To some, Fritos is a treat to indulge in every so often. To others, they are necessary to complete a race or a competition. To the founder of TRA360, it’s like his Google Analytics.

Google Analytics?

Valentina Rosa, founder & CEO of TRA360, is an avid biker. He participates in bicycle fundraising events throughout the country. Like any racing sport, Tim needs that boost of energy to cross the finish line. For Tim, his kick is Fritos. The salty snack helps him power through the event and satisfies his craving at once. Google analytics is like the salt on a Frito. Without it, Fritos would just be a plain corn chip—nothing special. Similarly, without the qualitative numbers Google Analytics produces, businesses would be left in the dark without knowing how many hits their website is getting and what marketing efforts are working versus not working. Without being able to visually see these numbers, businesses may be spending valuable time on driving website traffic without producing numbers. Additionally, without numbers, we can’t determine progress and end up lost in our efforts and not being able to finish that bike race.

Everyone has their own go-to when it comes to both snack foods and marketing strategy. What’s your Fritos?