How To Use Customer Data To Boost Revenue

Everyone is tightening their belts in business. CEOs and shareholders want more done with less, and when it comes to eCommerce and Web marketing, there are few exceptions. Business is all about catering to the customers, so isn’t it important to know exactly who they are, what they are doing on your site, and how your competition is trying to woo them? If you answered with a resounding yes, then prepared to be amazed. There are a few tips and tricks you can start using today to get more people into your site and buying. 

Using Data to Connect
Using Data to Connect

 Google Analytics is a great free tool and if you aren’t already tracking web-traffic on your site, start here. Using Analytics, you can see the demographic breakdown of your visitors, where they go on your site, how long they stay, and these trends over time. Knowing all of these can help you to better know your customer and fix issues on your site. Know what parts of the website interest them and make sure they have many opportunities to connect with the company via a call to action and social media.The goal is to keep the conversation going and offer them something to keep you in mind.

If you’re trying to design your site, it’s important to make it easy for the customers to navigate around and start a conversation. So many companies lack a call to action. You’ll find that by prompting users to call, email, tweet or write to you, that you will covert more of them into sales. If you’re not sure how to organize you site, why not see what your competition is up to and go from there?

The best way to gauge you competition is with the great tool Spyfu. This amazing website will tell you who your competitors are, what keywords drive people to their site, how that compares with you and track your results over time. This marketing suite is the holy grail of web marketing and will help you to improve your SEO and raise sales all for a marginal cost. I’ve had many different marketers recommend the product and they all swear by it. The information already exists so it behooves you to use it. By combining these research tools, your website will be optimized to make that sales funnel bigger and raise revenue.

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  1. Thanks for your kind words about SpyFu. We’re thrilled you included us in your suggestions for putting competitor data to good use. I guess you could say that leveraging competitive data is our obsession.

    If you haven’t yet tested the Recon Files reports for improving SEO and raising sales (as you mentioned) drop me a line. I’m sure you’d be excited about what you can accomplish for businesses you’d like to approach.

  2. Sidra,

    I was surprised to get a comment from you, but being Spyfu and all I’m sure you could smell an inbound link from a mile away. I’m curious about Recon Files could you tell me more about reports?


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