What’s The Point of Content Generation, Anyway?

Content Generation
Tah-dah! Content Generation!

Despite what industry you may be in, generating content is crucial to maintaining interest in your company or brand. An article I found on Technorati called “What’s the Point of Content Generation?” delves into the issue of companies creating content solely to push out a product or self-promote. I’m not saying self-promotion is bad; in any industry we have to make ourselves marketable to win over the job, a new client, a pitch, etc. However, when generating content on behalf of a brand, your readers shouldn’t be turned off by your posts, but rather want to take an action (for example, follow you on Twitter, read your blogs, or comment on your content).

From technical communications to regulatory writing to public relations and back, generating unique and individualized content is key to drawing in an audience. Give your readers a little snippet of intellectual goodness and keep them coming back for more. Don’t forget, next time you seek out to generate new content on behalf of your business or brand, it’s not about promoting a product but becoming the knowledgeable and interesting read that’s bookmarked in the “favorites” section.