Introducing HootSuite Conversations

Will you be using HootSuite Conversations?

Lets face it- as marketers we like to stay connected at all times. We can’t help but engage with our team members, clients, consumers and other marketers/PR pros alike. Yes, we rely heavily on Facebook chat and G-talk, but as of today, HootSuite has introduced the latest addition to the HootSuite family: HootSuite Conversations

HootSuite Conversations allows for internal collaboration within your brand. Whether you want to communicate with a team member, your boss or even your cube-mate, HootSuite Conversations allows for any and all social collaboration within the HootSuite dashboard. Another perk is the ability to import your Google or Yahoo e-mail accounts. With this new feature, social media initiatives and platforms are simplified and easily accessible to your entire company.

Building an online community within a community makes all-around communication easier and more enjoyable because of the organization. Everything from messaging someone to commenting on a group message is right at your fingertips. Although this is a brand new HootSuite feature, as a Social Media Strategist, I feel that HootSuite Conversations is the perfect concept that every brand can embody. HootSuite has moved on to bigger and better discoveries with your brand’s needs in mind.

Do you already use HootSuite? If so, will you be testing out the new HootSuite Conversations feature within your company?