Social Media 101: What We Can Learn By Eating a Donut

Donuts + Social Media
Social Media Explained By Eating a Donut

Learning the in’s and out’s of social media has never been so simple; just eat a donut! At this point, you may be extremely confused and unsure of where this post is going. Let me assure you, the complex and ever-changing world of social media can be explained by the simplest action of eating a donut. Thanks to Douglas Wray’s Instagrammed photo of social media explained by eating a donut.

Let’s start with the first social media platform, Twitter. When you tweet, you’re writing a quick blurb about something you’re doing, posting a link to a website, or re-tweeting a cool post you want to share (all under 140 characters, of course!) In the scenario of eating a donut, you use a #hashtag to link key words to Twitter. This way, if any other fellow donut lovers are out there, they can simply search for “donuts” and find you’re newest tweet: “I’m eating a #donut.”

Next we have Facebook. Facebook allows its users to “like” business pages, statuses…even products and food items! When personalizing your Facebook page, it’s important to “like” these pages or groups to show others who you really are and what interests you. Status updates inform your Facebook friends what you are doing, and don’t have a character limitation like Twitter. So next time you’re on Facebook and eating a delicious donut, go ahead and “like” the donuts Facebook page. Whether it’s Dunkin’ or Honeydew, there’s sure to be a donuts fan page for your favorite brand or flavor.

Hungry and forgot to eat breakfast this morning? You can use social media to “check-in” to your favorite local donut shop that posts directly to Foursquare! Foursquare is a unique social media outlet in that it uses location-based services to find where exactly you are in the world simply by “checking in”. Let you friends know where you are through Foursquare. After all, once they see where you are, they may want you to pick them up a dozen chocolate glazed or two…

Instagram is one of the newer social media outlets for the photo-junkies. Why not show the cyber world how delicious your donut looks by uploading a photo to Instagram? After uploading a photo to the site, you can add cool features like frames, vintage colors, pr black and white or sepia tones to personalize your photo. Want to show your friends a vintage photo of your donut? Start Instagramming away!

Finally, YouTube is a favorite among the social media community. Upload a video clip of your donut eating habits for all to see! YouTube is the way to go if you have video content that you want to share. Be warned, YouTube is a serious procrastination mechanism but makes for great laughs from the vast range of silly and ridiculous videos to those “OMG” moments caught on film. Create an account and start uploading right away!

This concludes Social Media 101: What We Can Learn By Eating a Donut. I hope you have enjoyed your donut thoroughly and the next time you forget your breakfast and run to your nearest donut shop or bakery, I expect to see that social media usage come into play! #Toomanydonuts @TRA360