Stumble Upon StumbleUpon


Prior to last week, when I thought of StumbleUpon I thought of pictures of cute kittens or videos of puppies doing cute things. My friends at college all use StumbleUpon as a way to unwind from studying to take a break by looking at adorable pets, funny pictures, etc. However, that’s not what StumbleUpon is all about.

While looking through a how to guide on social media when we “stumbled upon” StumbleUpon, pun intended. At first, we thought there would be no way that it would work for a business—after all, we don’t have any cute pets in the office doing funny things as they play. After taking their search service for a spin and looking for key words like “Regulatory Writing” or “Technical Documentation” we found a myriad of sites from people who do exactly what TRA360 does. Even better, we found people searching for companies like us. Throughout this past week, we spent more of our time on StumbleUpon than any other online location, looking at potential business and how competitors use the internet. 

Think for a minute about how much time you spend weeding through Google search results to see if maybe the site you want is there. With the amount of times you click a link, click the back arrow, retype in your search field, you could have gone through at least three times as many sites on StumbleUpon. One click and you’re on a company’s home page, and if you don’t like it, with one click you’re at the next company. Here at TRA360, we think StumbleUpon is efficient way to flip through sites on the topics you want to look for. We are excited to try it out on a corporate level and see where it takes us!

Do you stumble? What are your thoughts on how StumbleUpon is useful? Tweet at us at @TRA360 and let us know how you feel about StumbleUpon. Keep Calm and Stumble On.